AKFF Academy

by | Feb 22, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The AKFF Academy 2024 is underway, featuring six talented filmmakers, all specifically chosen for their exceptional skills. Focusing on female candidates, the festival aims to provide more opportunities for women in the Kurdish film industry. Renowned Kurdish-Swiss director Mano Khalil leads the guidance for these filmmakers, bringing his extensive experience and award-winning background to help shape their film plans. Mano Khalil, known for films like TRIUMPH OF IRON and THE PLACE WHERE GOD SLEEPS, heads his own production company, Frame Film. The AKFF Academy concludes in April 2024, with the winner announced on May 12, 2024, during the festival’s ceremony night. The prestigious prize of 3,000 euros will be awarded by Mano Khalil.

✨Taban Jalali
“Joining the academy is not only an opportunity for personal growth, but also a chance to contribute to the rich tapestry of Kurdish cinema, and foster understanding and appreciation. I am eager to immerse myself in this creative community, learn from experienced professionals and further contribute to the vibrant story of Kurdish filmmaking.

✨Gulistan Kenanoglu
“I believe in the power of inclusive practice, justice for all, collective knowledge production and conscious collectivity in my practice. Being part of AKFF Academy will expand my vision in this context.

✨Peri Barzanji
I joined the academy to learn more, and expand on my project! The beautiful part is that it is in a room surrounded by Kurdish filmmakers. I hope with the advice of the Academy and the others I am able to further the project into something people enjoy. I’m just super happy I get to participate!

✨Mizgin Arslan
Filmmaking is a deeply collaborative art where people from different backgrounds and perspectives come together to discuss and challenge each other’s ideas. I am excited to connect with fellow Kurdish filmmakers at this promising academy for Kurdish cinema. I believe that by working together, we can elevate our project to the next level and explore the complex cultural and identity-related themes that are unique to our community.

✨Beyan Taher
I make documentaries because I’m curious about the world around me. Often making documentaries means embarking on a solitary journey, but the richness of a story unfolds with a team that also believes in your storytelling power. I am thrilled to be part of the AKFF 2024 team, where I am confident that my film will be treated with the same care and dedication that I personally invest in.

✨Shamisa Naseri
Documentaries rely heavily on narration to bring their stories to life. It is the telling of the stories that set them apart. I would like to learn more from Kurdish filmmakers.