Shorts III

A Picture For Calmness, On the Roads to Freedom, The Witching Hour, Celebration, Birds Fly Back

On Sunday 14 May you can see 5 short films in a row with short films III.

Sunday 14 May 2023, 15:15, Screen 2


A Picture For Calmness, 8’
Kurdistan (Bashar), 2023

Three young men are trying to create a fake asylum case through (Kolbari) peasantry in order to obtain asylum outside Kurdistan (Iraq).

Regie: Saroyan Ismael.



On the Roads to Freedom, 35’
Norway, 2023

“On The Roads Of Freedom” is the story of Maria, a journalist and activist, who has been threatened and arrested for her activities in line with women’s rights. She is a master’s student in the media and has lived in Norway as a political refugee since 2018. Maria’s search for insight into the Iranian women’s movement leads her to meet two women’s rights activists from earlier generations, trying to answer her questions regarding Iranian women’s struggle against oppression. Asieh Amini, a journalist, poet and board member at NorwegianPEN, is a women’s rights activist who fought against the death penalty and stoning of women and minors in Iran. Golrokh Ghobadi, a writer and one of the first groups of female Komala peshmerga, Golrokh had fought for freedom and equality in Kurdistan before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and witnessed the struggles and developments before and after the Islamic Revolution in Kurdistan. Thus, “On The Roads Of Freedom” offers a multigenerational perspective on the Iranian women’s movement, as Iran stands on the brink of a revolution led by women

Regie: Maria Ghalvazi & Shiva Ghalvazi.


The Witching Hour, 11’
Kurdistan (Rojhelat), 2022

It’s midnight and Jiyar is driving in the local route to the Sawmill factory where he works, when his wife video-calls him to come home because she’s afraid of wolves howling outside and can’t make it through the nights alone anymore. But if Jiyar does not make it to his work he might lose his job…

Regie: Hawar Rehimi.


Celebration, 14’
Kurdistan (Rojhelat), Iran, 2022

A peddler father, after incurring a lot of debt, decides to hold his last celebration of life with his wife and two children. But two cats stop them.

Regie: Navid Zare.


Birds Fly Back, 9’
Kurdistan (Bakur), Turkey, 2021

In the Kurdish mountains of Hani, a group of children come running down a mountain. They play, frolic, dance and sing. Hikmet tells the story of his cows that have to be taken to another mountain. Once there, he loses control of the animals. His herd gets lost. They search everywhere but the cows are nowhere to be found. Abdurrahman tells the story of a boy who wants to buy one of his birds. He is proud of the money he has earned from it. The next day the bird flies back to him. The vulnerable honesty is challenged in this film by emphasizing the children playing in an environment that feels both safe and lonely. The purity of this place is an important element in this film. Combined with the purity of children, these two protagonists merge as one.

Regie: Jiyan Düyü.