The AKFF Academy 2023 kicked off last January. During the Academy, eight emerging talents will work out an initial idea into a film plan for several months under professional guidance. We hereby proudly introduce the Academy candidates to you! 👏🏼🎉

✨Elif Yiğit
“I am participating to develop the project I want to do. I aim to improve myself in the documentary making process with this academy.”

✨Lana Askari
“I wanted to join this academy to be inspired by other young Kurdish filmmakers and help each other in our communal goal: expanding Kurdish cinema.”

✨Fatma Çelik
“I joined this academy to further develop my ‘Özgür Gündem’ project. I thought it would be enriching to talk about Özgür Gündem with Kurds living in different places.”

✨Ozjen Boskani
“As someone who values the power of storytelling and believes in the importance of promoting diverse voices and perspectives, I am inspired by the AKFF’s mission.”

✨Dilpak Megeed
“I was delighted to know that I will be sharing my work with fellow Kurdish film makers. I also wanted to connect more with other film makers and develop my skills further so I can develop the outcome of my work.”

✨Mahmood Omar
“I have always had the desire to make a documentary film, I have been attached to it since childhood and have always been interested to learn how to make a documentary and how to find the right people to make a documentary about.”

✨Adnan Zandi
“I entered the academy to learn more about the style and theories in the documentary film, as well as to expand my documentary idea and make it into a plan for the film. My most important goal is to make my documentary film with the advice and help of the academy members, a film that is good in terms of form and content.”

✨Amsha Tamo
“When I returned to Kurdistan in 2009, I was struck by the stories I saw around me. I knew that these were stories that I needed to capture on film – to give them the voice and visibility they deserved.That’s why participating in the Academy was such an amazing opportunity for me. It allowed me to take my first steps towards realizing my dream of becoming a filmmaker.”